Our company is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At Mackenzie SEO Web Design, our goal is to build professional search-engine-friendly and easy-to-update websites.

People do judge a book by its cover, which is why they judge your business by your website. With our professional blog designweb design service and eCommerce website design, we will design a website that looks professional at first sight so it can generate a solid conversion rate (the number of customers who have completed a transaction divided by the total number of website visitors).

These days, people do search for their needs on the Internet. Our search-engine-friendly web design will ensure you a high ranking on Google search results without spending extra money on ads. When we design your website, SEO is part of the scope of work, so your website will be search-engine-friendly right out of the box.

People also want to have good website uptime. We offer professional website support for website update/maintenance/operation based on hourly rates. The support is also a training process and we strongly encourage our clients to do the website update/maintenance by themselves to save costs.

As there are thousands of stars in the sky, as of January 2016 there are more than 986,000,000 active websites in the world, and the number keeps growing. Many of these sites are simply submerged on the Internet. In your business, you need a top-notch SEO web design for your website to ensure it can be easily found and enjoyed by your potential customers when they are looking for help that only you can offer. This is why you need to choose Mackenzie SEO for a professional, affordable service to build a search-engine-friendly website to ensure it has a high-quality ranking in Google search results.

We truly believe that if our customers are growing, we too will be growing. This is why we put all of our effort into making sure that we meet our customers’ needs so we can grow together.

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